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 New Player levels

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Hans Plast

Hans Plast

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PostSubject: New Player levels   Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:39 am

Hello Together,

in the past we had , in our opinion, to much player levels.
We have decided to consolidate the numer of levels.
From next week on we will implement the following levels.

level = 10
name = Elite Admin

level = 8
name = Head Admin

level = 5
name = Non Clanmember Admins

level = 4
name = Clan member

level = 3
name = Friend of AoS

level = 2
name = Regular

level = 0
name = User

We deleted level 1 (nasty). In the future rulebrakes get level 0
We also deleted some of the admin levels.

Some Admins have received only Clan Memebr level since they have not been seen for a long time.
When they come back they can ask for level.

We whant to give admin level only to this players who are really interested to to admin work.
We don't what to understand this levels as honorary instruction

If you have any concerns about that please PM Hamsta, Djusi or me


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New Player levels
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